Variations on a Rococo Theme Op. 33

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The Variations on a Rococo Theme Op. 33 was the closest Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky ever came to write a full concerto for cello and orchestra. The style was inspired by Mozart, Tchaikovsky’s role model, and makes it clear that Tchaikovsky admired the Classical style very much. However, the Theme is not Rococo in origin, but actually an original theme in the Rococo style. 

Illevold and Rasmussen have treated this transcript with great respect for the music and their instruments. The goal has been to create a new atmosphere and approach to this beautiful music. 

A transcription is by no means an attempt to recreate an original soundscape, but to add new dimensions to an existing work. Musical choices and alterations of the note image are therefore made with the utmost care and to utilize the possibilities of the euphonium and piano in maximum interaction.

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Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

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Bente Illevold (b. 1983) comes from Rendalen in Østerdalen and plays the euphonium. She is an international S.E. Shires euphonium artist. Over the past few years, she has left her mark as an innovative performer and has gained recognition for her performances of several new works for the instrument, both at home and abroad. She has a master’s degree from the Norwegian Academy of Music and has performed with several of the country’s professional bands and orchestras. Bente is passionate about expanding the euphonium repertoire and allowing the instrument to unfold in new constellations and contexts. She works daily as a freelance musician and is regularly invited as a guest teacher at the country’s educational institutions and as a soloist at international festivals.

Grete Helle Rasmussen (b. 1961) is a Norwegian pianist and music educator. Rasmussen is a widely used performer, conductor and speaker. Her performance ranges from accompanist jobs with well-known performers to soloist assignments with orchestra and orchestra. She had her debut concert on piano at the University’s Aula in 1991, in collaboration with Stephan Barratt-Due. She has had solo assignments including Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra and the Staff Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces. Rasmussen has helped to develop several new teaching programs in both the amateur music field and in higher education. She is known for being creative and unconventional in her educational projects and is particularly keen on educating talented instrumental educators. Since 2009, she has worked on the development of, a knowledge base that allows to maintain and share knowledge about instrumental and vocal teaching on the web.


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